About Hands On Stem

Hands-on STEM” project has won in 2015 the US department of States’ Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund AEIF 2015 sponsored by the U.S Embassy and aimed in 2015 at establishing STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) clubs, for free, in four pilot schools.

In 2016, and after the great success and impact that "Hands-on STEM I" had on students, the US embassy is sponsored "Hands-on STEM II" and 8 new Hands-on STEM clubs were created.

Our Aim

In a STEM club, students will explore different aspects of STEM in a fun and interactive way and benefit from organized field trips to tech companies and universities. They will participate in an inter school competition by developing an interdisciplinary project within the trending subjects of Science, green energy, mobile apps, technology, Hardware design and electronics. They will participate in local and international competitions which will improve, not only their technical skills, but their soft skills as well.


Students will gain practical, team work and leadership skills. Their confidence and engagement in STEM will increase as well as their motivation to study STEM and enter STEM careers. They will perceive science as a way of thinking and not as a body of knowledge. Impact on teachers will include enjoyment and satisfaction; enhanced subject knowledge and ideas and professional development. It also brings together staff who may not usually work with each other. They can improve relations between students and teachers, and build links with local industry and employers, as well as raising the profile of STEM and the school within the local community.

We introduce our students to valuable skillsets that have real-world application.